Drop Away Diet Drops Video Diary

So here we are now 8 days into the Drop Away diet drops diet plan and so I really figured I could present everyone an update along with my personal results to date.

Once again for total disclosure I would like to remind everyone that I am performing some work with Drop Away as a advertising and marketing company but this is my own personal journey as I try this particular diet plan to see just how it performs first hand.

As Soon As I look at the diet plan which is sent along with the drops it reminds me a protien diet plan I was on which did work in that it helped me lose weight but part of that diet plan was to consume protien drinks thoughout that day for you to supress the hunger and thus if anyone has at any time tried out those protien beverages you will know that the is often rather sickly and you also consume them as you have to ,not due to the fact you desire to.

Now what I have found with taking these diet drops is it surpresses my hunger without the hassle of drinking the protien beverages. Actually at the start of the diet I had been struggling to eat since i didn’t have an appetite so I had not been consuming enough calories.

Yet another thing I have found which I actually find really strange and that i do not know if it has something to do because of the drops at all because I’m no chemist, but I personally have found I do not have any sugar urges.

While I had been on the protien diet plan I purchased chocolate protien bars and cut slices off of the bar so that I could have a couple of slices after my evening meals to satify the demand for something sweet.

Since I have been having Drop Away diet drops I have not had any urges for sugar in the least and you’re looking at someone who easlity devours the whole packet of biscuits after the packet is in fact opened so I have found this strange and as I mentioned, I don’t know if that has something to do with the actual drops or not?

I have to concede I have not adhered to the diet plan fully because there is absolutely no way I’m able to stomach skimmed milk so I actually use semi-skimmed milk at breakfast time and for my mugs of tea all day. Neither will i drink water because suggested. I prefer to drink tea throughout the day and have continued to do so with this diet plan.

So what are the actual results thus far?

Well I’m pleased with myself and this diet plan so far as through the first 7 days I’ve lost a total of 6lbs which is a lot more than I have ever lost previously on any diet plan and so my first impressions are this is fast but let us see exactly what happens over the next few weeks.

So I sincerely hope you have liked this update and let’s see what the results are over the following 7 days.

If there is any kind of complications, the video is also offered at the following url