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So here we are at the end of week 2 of the Drop Away Diet Drops program and I’m still finding all the results very interesting.

Not really as a result of results on their own but because of just what I am finding happening with my own body and cravings.

Like i said during the last online video I have dieted before by using a protein only diet regime but in the course of the diet regime I was actually drinking protein drinks to curb the food cravings and I needed some thing as a sugary treat each day which was a couple of pieces of a chocolate protein bar.

I also said last week that I actually found while using diet drops that they suppressed by appetite but I had also been pleased to find I did not have much sugar cravings and I made it very clear I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with the diet drops.

Well this week is actually precisely the same. Apart from one day when I did feel hungry late in the evening I’ve been really happily consuming the meals as reported by the diet plan.

In reality, if I were to be truthful, I believe I have not been consuming enough on the other hand have loved my evening meals and like I mentioned I’ve had no yearnings for anything sweet therefore my only sugar intake is on my morning breakfast cereal.

I’ve also made it evident all along that it’s not weight I am worried, it is rather a change in shape so I don’t have the middle age bumps where I don’t want them.

That being said I’m happy to declare that over the first 2 weeks on the Drop Away Diet Drops plan I’ve lost a total of 8 lbs until now but more to the point for me I can see that my ab has decreased in size and so i am motivated to continue with the diet.

As a note of interest you will find other individuals that I know who’re likewise on the Drop Away drops and they have lost 10 pounds within the first Two weeks having started at a lighter weight than me so percentage wise they are doing even better than me.

Therefore according to my own, personal evidence until now I can say there is rapid weight loss without having feelings of hunger and without resorting to physical exercise that has actually pleased me.

On the other hand, it is early day’s yet so let’s wait a little and see.

Video clip can also be watched here